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Health Technology Incubation center of Semnan University of medical science and health services is an incubation center in all of fields in medical and health science. This center is under supervision of Irans Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

We are pursuing the goals of commercialization of the research results and, establishing sustainable ties between University and Industry. We have exerting team in all courses of health technology and service to researchers, inventors and students in these fields.

This center is located at Semnan University of medical science and health services, Semnan, Iran. We provide a proper environment for small and medium-sized tech-companies, R&D units of industrial companies and research institutions to locate and professionally appear in the region. There are about 10 companies in the shape of Small & Medium Enterprises and incubators in the fields of Medicinal plants, Medical IT and software, Biotechnology, Drug, Medical basic science, and etc. This number is increasing now and our goal is reach to 100 companies during 2015 to 2016.


The history of this incubation center goes back to 2013in researching and planning step.In continues, this center take the needed certificates and started its work in 2014.This center is affiliated with the Ministry of Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran. We cooperate closely with research and science institutes in order to attract researchers and fruitful ideas and stay up-to-date.

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Health Technology Incubation Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, 17th Shahrivar Boulevard, Semnan, IR Iran

Email: roshd@semums.ac.ir


Tele: +98-23-33363308-9

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